Next Generation Social Emotional Learning and Character Development

Creating Safer and More Loving Schools, Homes and Communities
Through A Formula Of
"Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion-in-Action."

Lifespan, Next Generation Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) For All Ages, Athletics, Homes & Communities

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“When educators and students prioritize teaching and practicing essential life skills such as relationships building, emotional management, and coping skills it cultivates a sense of trust and security. This creates a connected and compassionate environment. When students feel a sense of belonging and psychological safety they are happier, more well adjusted, and more likely to seek help.”

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What Makes Choose Love Unique?

Exceeding Standards

Choose Love for Schools is designed to support the key determinants in the standards set by CASEL for Social and Emotional Learning, as well as the needs for NACE employability skills. We have considered the needs of ASCA for school counselors as well as Character Development as outlined by Our comparison charts explore the encompassing approach we offer with our overarching emphasis on the community to create support and change. Our Choose Love Wheel includes the Choose Love Formula along with the role that we all play in providing hope, healing, and love in all of our relationships and interactions. Our programs are enhanced by the research and explorations of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Brain-Body Integration and Emotional Intelligence, which makes our unique and encompassing approach a solution for wellbeing practices at all levels of learning and growing.

Lifespan Programs

The skills and tools in Choose Love programs, combined with our easy-to-learn Choose Love Formula™ offer a foundation for lifelong health, fulfillment and happiness. In addition to our flagship Pre-K through Grade 12 Choose Love For Schools™ program, we offer programs for Prenatal, Infant/Toddlers, Homes, Communities, Athletic Leadership, and more. The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is dedicated to making sure our programs are accessible to all.  Our unique lifespan, culture and lifestyle dynamics provide a plan for growing with essential life skills. We rely gratefully on the generosity of donations to support this mission.

Research and Testimonials

The Choose Love Movement is proud of its track record over the last decade.  Our evidenced-based approach to program development includes the research for the individual components of our Choose Love Formula as well as the overall efficacy of our programs.  Learn more in the About Us section.  Our testimonials speak highly of our results from students, educators, and professional development training.  As well, we conduct regular surveys and yearly updates to monitor our progress and guide our next steps in program development.

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