How To SEL is a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) coaching subscription designed by Caroline Maguire, parenting expert and award-winning author, and Scarlett Lewis, SEL specialist and founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, to teach life skills to parents to benefit themselves and their children.

This one-of-a-kind offering delivers engaging “how to” professional coaching techniques, including videos of actual scenarios with children, scripts, activities, and more so parents can easily explain to their children what is happening in their minds and bodies. Each month features a different theme and comprises different formats to accommodate different learning preferences and resources to reinforce the lessons.

All subscribers receive a welcome kit containing two books – Why Will No One Play with Me? by Caroline Maguire and Nurturing Healing Love by Scarlett Lewis – plus a Choose Love journal and an assortment of merchandise for kids that coincide with the lessons. Additionally, subscribers receive access to an online dashboard to access lessons, a monthly LIVE Q&A with Caroline and Scarlett, and additional resources for further exploration of the topics.

Ultimately, How To SEL will teach parents and educators how to support children in identifying and managing their emotions and coping with fears, anger, anxiety, or loneliness, while also supporting themselves as their own SEL skills become strengthened.

“Coping with your emotions is an essential life skill, and we created a go-to resource that empowers every parent to cultivate this skill in their children on a daily basis,” says Maguire.

 “Parents were always asking HOW to model and teach social and emotional character development to kids, so we created an easy way for them to learn these transformative skills and strategies with others in their life, and be strengthened by them as well,” adds Lewis. 

How To SEL’s monthly lessons are carefully curated from years of cumulative experience. These videos, activities, and webinars share one mission – to teach the audience HOW TO empower the “whole” child. Developed social emotional skills are a critical component of a fulfilling life and the benefits of solid social and emotional skills are wide ranging, including increased happiness, self-esteem, emotional regulation and empathy; better academic performance; lower anxiety and depression; improved immune systems, in addition to greater success in school and stronger relationship bonds to peers, partners, and colleagues. 

The subscription also includes a “SELabration” Starter Kit that is sent by mail and includes hard copies of Caroline’s and Scarlett’s books, as well as journals and other items designed to engage young minds.

For more information about the How To SEL Subscription, click here.

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