Ingrid Gerrits

Studied languages at the Sorbonne and speaks 5 languages fluently. Geri’s has lived in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and now lives in Italy.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Ingrid worked a combined 35 years for a top IT and business process company where she aquired a broad spectrum of leadership, customer service and instructional skills in the multi-national arena (Fortune 500 Companies) and the US military installations in Europe. She held  many different managerial positions including running branch and district sales pffices. She was also very instrumental in developing computer trainings and implementing trainings as well as relative business processes in the typical European multi-lingual environment. This experience is the solid basis for her role of motivational speaker/trainer.

Meeting Scarlett Lewis in Hawaii, where Scarlett presented her life story, and the Choose Love Movement, Ingrid offered to become active in the challenge of introducing SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) into the school system and has joined the Choose Love Movement as their Ambassador for Italy.

Joy and laughter are her faithful partners and her prime ingredients to live and teach others to live a responsible healthy carefree life.