Kristen Sharma

Kristen-CD-back-cover-300Kristen Sharma, founding CEO of Inspired!, Inc., is a multiple award winning entrepreneur who inspires clients globally through her keynotes, music, coaching and workshops, to design and live the life of their dreams, while using their gifts to make a difference.

She has traveled to over 35 countries and almost all continents, and because of these travels has a large understanding of the global challenges the world faces today. (Her music is also in all states, and spreading world wide to countries all over the planet.) She has taken part in philanthropic projects in India, South Africa, Canada and America, helping orphaned children and children of poverty. As the founder and President of Inspired!, inc., she is the only business owner to be nominated for “Business of the Year” two years in a row in her industry of healing.

She is on the Advisory Board for the longest running women’s conference (The California Women’s Conference) in the country and signature event of the Global Women Foundation out of California. Kristen, a successful entrepreneur for almost 25 years in several industries, is an expert in the area of business innovation and leadership with kindness, and has made it her life mission to make a significant difference in the world by improving the lives of others.