All Calm Down Extension Program

About This Program

The idea was borne out of the beautiful scientific research by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., world famous cell biologist and author, who produced irrefutable proof that pregnant women send signals to their developing babies about the environment they will be born into.

A calm, happy, relaxed mother will produce a baby with a more developed frontal lobe, who will be calmer and smarter.

In contrast, if the mother is stressed out, worried and/or anxious, the baby’s hind brain will be more developed as well as its high twitch muscles, making it a natural born fighter.

Children born into more impoverished areas with high rates of gang violence to mothers who are understandably stressed out keep the violence cycle going.

By focusing our efforts on our society’s violence problem, we can do as Frederick Douglass once advised: “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”

Given how much harm unstable individuals can do to innocent people everywhere, this video series has been expanded to include teens, and everyone else.

Since stress is also the common denominator in every disease, we hope to help people keep their health, as well as create calmer, less chaotic lives. 


How To Meditate

Guided Meditation for Pregnant Women

Guided Meditation for Everyone

Guided Meditation For Teens