Choose Love At Work

Choose Love At Work

Bring the Choose Love Formula™ to work to help your teams achieve high-performance results

Choose High Performance helps your team build the skills and mindset to become a high-performance organization in a way that is fun, natural and benefits the rest of your life and community.
Our foundational series is a six-part formula based on the Choose Love Formula™. The workshop teaches your team how to engage with purpose, high ethics, courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. 

Choose High Performance helps you and your teammates:

  • Feel inspired
  • Feel safe, seen and celebrated.
  • Develop a leader’s mindset
  • Get a clearer sense of your own positive purpose
  • Take your power back from fearful or angry thoughts
  • Know what behaviors to practice every day
  • Recruit and retain higher-quality teammates
  • And improve your bottom-line results as the result of better teamwork.

Choose High Performance offers:

  • Inspiring keynote speeches by Scarlett Lewis
  • Half-day, Full-Day and Two-Day workshops
  • Master classes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Train-the-trainer events

In the long-term, expect your leadership mindset and actions to create results that radiate to teams, families and communities across the globe. This will result in a stronger, safer, more loving communities around the world.

With the Choose Love Movement, it already has. Contact us to learn more about what Choose High Performance can do for you.


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