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Respond & Rebound
For COVID-19 Recovery

Choose Love's Social, Emotional and Mental Health Resources for Schools, Homes and Communities

Compassion In Action For COVID-19 Recovery: Social, Emotional and Mental Health Solutions for Educators and Communities

We All Have The Power to Thoughtfully Respond & Rebound

Choose Love SEL programming was developed in response to trauma and we are uniquely qualified to support social, emotional and mental health recovery for our children, schools and communities.

We're Here To Help

Please feel free to email us if you have questions about possible grant opportunities in your state regarding SEL. We're happy to explore partnerships that will bring SEL to every child in every classroom.

Post-Pandemic SEL Supports


Full-Service SEL Program Implementation

Whether you’re an existing Choose Love school or district, or looking to fully implement the Choose Love For Schools program into your school or district, or seeking SEL support for summer camp, after school or other enrichment programs, or in need of self-care workshops to revitalize and inspire your educators, our offerings utilize research and evidence-based practices that align with U.S. Department of Education ED COVID-19 Handbook Vol.2 recommendations, to deliver you some or all of the following in a 3-tiered model based on your interest:

  • A framework for meeting students’ social, emotional and academic needs
  • The creation of a safe, positive, stable learning environment
  • The tools to build strong and trusting relationships among students, families and educators
  • Explicit instruction for critical SEL skills
  • Opportunities to actively engage students in meaningful and culturally and linguistically relevant learning experiences
  • Ongoing, supportive and specific feedback to encourage skill growth across all domains
  • Organization of building-level wellness teams to assess and address the SEL needs of students and staff
  • Support for the creation of social and emotional well-being engagement surveys
  • Incorporation of regular check-ins with students and families
  • Implementation of practices and scheduled time for emotional self-regulation, as well as morning or closing meeting rituals to promote further time to calm and regroup
  • Incorporation of student voice to be represented in classroom or school decision-making


How To SEL

Monthly Professional Coaching Subscription

Now, more than ever, our children need social and emotional support as they are forced to navigate an uncertain future while trying to also manage stress, anxiety, isolation, lack of motivation and a host of other developmental challenges that have been exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19.

Our “HOW-TO” program empowers parents and educators with the knowledge and easy-to-integrate scripts and practices they need to help children:

  • understand their own feelings
  • develop positive relationships
  • manage their emotions
  • express empathy and compassion
  • improve academic performance
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • strengthen communication, goal setting and planning

and help parents:

  • navigate difficult discussions with their children
  • tap into hope  
  • improve communication and relationships
  • build trust
  • reduce overall stress 
  • experience a newfound sense of happiness and control
  • introduce mindfulness and gratitude practices daily

Lifespan, Programming & Supports to Continue Meeting Your Needs

Prenatal & Infant/Toddler Programs

Pre-K through Grade 12 Curriculum

For Home Program

For Communities Program

For the Workplace/ Choose High Performance


Choose Love Movement is inspired by 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, his final acts of love, and his mother’s path of forgiveness after Jesse was killed in a school shooting.

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