Choose High-Performance Teams


We help your team build the skills and mindset to become a high-performance organization in a way that is fun and natural. This seminar can help you in all areas of life, not just work.

This seminar is our foundational series. It teaches a six-part formula to help you choose to become a high-performance team: purpose, high ethics, courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action. 

This seminar helps you and your team:

  • Feel inspired
  • Feel safe, seen and celebrated
  • Develop a leader’s mindset
  • Get a clearer sense of your own positive purpose
  • Take your power back from fearful or angry thoughts
  • Meet your goals as a result of better teamwork

You will walk away from this seminar with:

  • A personal leadership credo
  • A team charter
  • A staff meeting template that you can use every check-in
  • A performance management system that you can use every day
  • Knowing what behaviors to practice every day
  • With a plan for attracting and retaining talented, high-quality teammates

In the long-term, expect your leadership mindset and actions to create results that radiate to teams, families and communities across the globe. This will result in a stronger, safer, more loving communities around the world.

This seminar can be modified for your team with the following:

  • Virtual, fun, interactive meeting delivery
  • Inspiring keynote speeches by Scarlett Lewis
  • Train-the-trainer workshops and licensing for internal distribution
  • Executive Coaching

What people say about Choose Love for the Workplace

In 2020, New Hampshire embraced the Choose Love Enrichment Program (CLEP) as the state’s official social and emotional learning (SEL) program. Gov. Chris Sununu’s School Safety Preparedness Task Force recommended that it was necessary to expand SEL statewide, a first in the United States.

“Choose Love is the secret sauce in everything that we do and makes everything better! It really works!”

Christine Tappan, Asst Commissioner for NH Dept of Health and Human Services

“We are very fortunate in NH to have such a powerful movement sweep across our state to teach the next generation of NH citizens how important “Choosing Love” is. Given the way the world is right now, the timing could not have been better! I will forever remember, “Hurt People, Hurt People” It really is that simple! I choose compassion and forgiveness.”

Paula Carrier, Birth Parent & Youth Training Coordinator, Child Welfare Education Partnership, Granite State College

“Thank you for providing this great resource! I just shared this with the rest of my staff!”

Kelsey C, 2020 Webinar participant 

“I feel empowered…thank you!” – Dina M., 2020 April Webinar participant

THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE and compassion.  I needed this today of all days.…IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE blessing to have access to the webinar.  THANK YOU. 

-Heidi H., 2020 Webinar participant

“Great session today! You are rock stars!” 

Linda R, Principal, Financial Planning and Advisory Services for Small Businesses, 2020 Webinar participant

To learn more about this seminar, please contact Jerry Alena, our Chief Sales Officer, at (203) 641-5151 or via this form: