What if your teams were as powerful as your dreams?

What if your teams were as powerful as your dreams?

I teach the strongest soft skill: love.

I’m Scarlett Lewis and my life changed forever when my son, six-year-old Jesse Lewis, was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I started the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, now two-million strong. We teach how to build human bonds that empower, resolve conflict, strengthen teams, and help you feel better regardless of life’s circumstances.

Choose High Performance is our movement’s Conscious Capitalism team. We coach and teach your teams soft and hard skills so your team can meet the challenges of our time. Let us show you how.

Hard is soft. Soft is hard. Forty-three years of searching for excellence boils down to those six words.

Build Better Teams Workshops

We are in a new era of stakeholder capitalism. According to a 2020 McKinsey study, stakeholder-centric enterprises outperform their peers in earnings, revenue, investment, and job growth. Using our proven Choose Love formula, taught to more than two million people, we help your teams feel better, resolve conflicts, and build a better future. Our team workshops are fun and help your team with its mindset, insights, structure, and processes.

Team Coaching For "We"Q

Are you a team leader with big dreams and challenging teams? Our holistic, non-boring team coaching can help you hit refresh for your team, so you all can powerfully meet the world’s great needs with sustainable passion, unity, and strength. Team coaching is also an affordable way to build an entire team’s capacity, versus the traditional expense of executive coaching.


Choose Love is a miracle!

Our Corporate Training Programs Support Local Schools

Our work benefits the Choose Love Movement. The movement provides free lifespan programming to build stronger families, schools, and communities. We’ve garnered bi-partisan support because what we offer really works!