Choose Love Extension Programs

We are working on extension programs for the Choose Love Enrichment Program that are COMING SOON!

Choose Love for Families

Elly Kukk
The goal of The Choose Love Family Program is to help families choose love at home. The reality is that parenting can be difficult and family dynamics even more so. It takes knowledge, skills, and self-awareness to be a successful parent. Our children are precious gifts and we have a responsibility to provide a loving environment for them to grow. Together as families and a community of parents we can help each other to choose love. The Choose Love Family Program will provide the information and the tools to create a safe, loving, and healthy home environment and to help parents to become the best parents they can be.

Healthy Grieving

In partnership with Dianne Gray and the Elizabeth Kubler Ross Foundation

Compassionate Touch

Kate McKinnon, Author of From My Hands to Your Heart
When children are asked “show me what love looks like” they reach out and touch each other. Touch is such an important aspect of who we are yet there is a lot of fear surrounding the topic. There are easy and simple ways to incorporate touch into the classroom that have been shown to reduce aggressive, problem behaviors and enhance the connection and sense of belonging for the children. In other words touch can be another expression on compassion in action.