Choose Love Month of Courage – Challenge 2

2022 Courage coat of arms


October is the Choose Love Month of Courage. Look out for our weekly Courage Challenge on social media and our blog plus access our October action steps calendar for ways to choose courage every day.

The Choose Love Courage Challenge #2 is to create a coat of arms. This will allow children to think about how to symbolize their most important values, characteristics and interests in a way that communicates these to other people. When they look at their Coat of Arms it will empower them to be strong, resilient, and brave.


Ask the children to use the list that was created from our Courage Challenge #1 for ideas on what to include in the Coat of Arms or consider other ideas to include. 

  • What are your interests? Sports, arts, travel, family, games, etc.
  • What is your heritage? Use the flag, colors, symbols, food, etc. 
  • What animal represents you? Use your pet, favorite animal or a symbolic animal.
  • What are your values? Loyalty, kindness, etc.

Often colors and animals signify values and characteristics. Here’s some examples:


  • Yellow or Gold – Generosity 
  • White or Silver – Peace & Sincerity
  • Blue – Loyalty & Truthfulness 
  • Red – Bravery
  • Green – Hope, Joy, Honesty
  • Purple – Majestic, Justice


  • Bear – Protectiveness 
  • Camel – Perseverance 
  • Dog – Loyalty 
  • Dove – Peace
  • Eagle – Leadership & Decisiveness 
  • Elephant – Strength, happiness, Luck
  • Dragon – Defender of Treasure
  • Falcon or Hawk – Eagerness 
  • Fox – Cleverness 
  • Lion – Courage 
  • Pelican – Generosity & Devotion 
  • Snake – Ambition
  • Swan – Harmony
  • Tiger – Fierceness & Valor 
  • Unicorn – Extreme courage 
  • Wolf – Constant Vigilance

Download Courage Challenge graphic. Share this on your social media with #ChooseLove and #CourageChallenge.

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