Choose Love Month of Courage

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October is the Choose Love Month of Courage. Look out for our weekly Courage Challenge on social media and our blog plus access our October action steps calendar for ways to choose courage every day.

First learn and share the definition of courage and discuss examples of every day courage with your family and friends.

Courage is the willingness and ability to work through obstacles despite feeling embarrassment, fear, reluctance, or uncertainty.

Courage involves making positive choices even if they may be difficult. It takes courage to express our feelings, make ethical choices, tell the truth, admit mistakes, and to be kind. This is especially true when others are not leading by example.

It’s also important to know the benefits of courage which include improved self-esteem, self-awareness and the ability to express your feelings. It can also make you less stressed and have less anxiety.

Together, let’s spread love this month with courage.

Choose Love Courage Challenge #1 – Write Your Strengths

Download Choose Love Courage Challenge Journal graphic.

What does courage mean to you? Think about people who you think are brave. Bravery isn’t just for superheroes or firefighters. Every person has to make brave choices every day. It takes courage to make difficult choices or stand up what you believe in.

How can you boost your courage and confidence? Learn more about what you think it means to be brave. Write down a list of things that you are good at. This can be talent in art or music. Academics like reading or math. Athletics like running or soccer. It can be your kindness like your willingness to help out or saying nice things about people.

Making a list of things that you are good is also a list of what makes you strong. Realizing and remembering the things that make you strong will in turn create self-confidence. When you are confident in yourself, it will give you the courage to get through a rough day, make difficult choices or try new things.

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