Choose Love Movement Joins Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation for #BeKind21



The Choose Love Movement™ has once again joined Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation for its fourth annual #BeKind21 challenge. #BeKind21 encourages young people, families, and teachers to build habits that foster kindness and promote the strength and wellness of their communities.

#BeKind21 is an invitation for you to practice kindness toward yourself and others each day from September 1 to September 21 to build kinder, more connected communities that foster mental wellness. Join a movement of thousands of partners, including schools, cities, companies, and nonprofit organizations, that helped to recruit over 291 million pledged acts of kindness. Learn more here.

The Choose Love Movement has created a kindness calendar with 21 ways you can choose kindness through the Choose Love Formula – Courage + Forgiveness + Gratitude + Compassion in Action = Choose Love. We ask our supporters to make a commitment to this kindness challenge and post your progress on your social media using #ChooseLove and #BeKind21. Or you can build your own custom #BeKind21 calendar and learn ways you can immediately start sharing kindness!

Join in the fun! Help us build a kinder and braver world by signing up for #BeKind21 today:

“Each component of our Choose Love Formula offers ways to be thoughtful and kind. The Formula teaches us and reminds us to be kind to oneself as well as to others.”

Download the Choose Love #BeKind21 calendar.