Choose Love For Communities™

Choose Love For Communities™

Join us in creating the kind of world that we all want to live in

We are all the same in the want and need for connection.


Learn more about the Choose Love Formula™ and how you can teach yourself, your loved ones, your organization and your community how to thoughtfully respond to any thought, action or circumstance.


Access online and offline resources to help you share Choose Love with others, exchange ideas, make new friends, attend special webinars and workshops developed exclusively for our community members, interact with Choose Love, and more.


Whether through sponsorship of our movement, advocating to get Choose Love into your schools, participating in our Brainstorms and Discussions, or simply by being open to learning how deceptively simple but incredibly powerful the Choose Love Formula™ can be, you will be adding to the ripple effect that Choosing Love creates and – literally – changing our world.

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