Courage in the Classroom: The Impact of Social Emotional Learning on Student Perceptions of Courage

courage poster


By Erin Birden
This study was designed to examine the impact of involvement in social emotional learning (SEL) programming with a focus on student perceptions of courage. The results of a 2×2 ANOVA indicated that there was no significant difference between scores on SEL competencies for students not involved in a lesson driven SEL program compared to students who were. Female students (M = 3.451) had significantly higher scores than male students (M = 3.283), (F(1,155) = 13.301, p = .000, partial eta squared = .079). Four themes emerged regarding students’ perceptions of courage: (a) characteristics of integrity, (b) persistence, (c) what it takes to be courageous, and (d) cultivating courage at school.