Daryn Rowley


Daryn Rowley

Graphic Designer

About Daryn

Daryn joined the Choose Love team in the Fall of 2021 when the organization was looking for another freelance graphic designer. “I jumped at the opportunity and after thanking Alexis was told that it was Jesse who chose me. That immediately touched and opened my life, mind and heart…just a little more,” Daryn says.

A news designer with Hearst Connecticut Media in 2012 when the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred—the local newspaper chain that had to cover it—Daryn says every little face and name became part of her while laying out those front pages. Staff knew some of the families, the community leaders — right in the thick of it.

Scarlett’s work in turning it into a positive inspires Daryn to bring the brand to the next level as it continues its critical mission and benefits around the world in continuous growth.

The future and early education of our children, especially revolving around good mental health, is an area Daryn is actively becoming more active in. Besides being blessed by working with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement team, her work as a children’s book illustrator carries positive themes, hope and love to children. With degrees in graphic design and illustration, and partial concentration in psychology, Daryn’s extensive and successful career includes all of it.