DiSC Assessments

Deliver proven learning experiences to your team that have an immediate and lasting impact on them and your organization.

We will have certified DiSC instructors deliver and debrief the assessments with your team.

For more information contact our Chief Sales Officer, Jerry Alena, our DiSC-certified assessment partner. Jerry is part of a vibrant community of more than 2,300 expert professionals dedicated to using DiSC assessments to improve the performance of people and cultures of organizations worldwide.

Testimonials about the DiSC assessment from our licensing partner.

“These Everything DiSC tools, in particular, create a high-level of self-awareness that, quite frankly, no other tool can provide. And that core insight into one’s motivation and into the style and motivations of others is like fuel for employees to take the initiative to improve in their work, relationships, and jobs. While our culture was obviously already here, Everything DiSC really helped turn it on!”

Chuck Olsson Chief Human Resources Officer, First United Bank and Trust

“The DiSC debrief process provides a safe environment for participants to interact with each other, but also allows the HR business partner to observe the team dynamics. This information is very important for the formulation of the ongoing development of the team.”

Vicki Jensen, Senior HR Business Partner

“Everything DiSC is built on research and extensive testing. The profiles really help people better understand themselves and others, which generates a much more constructive and effective workplace.”

Sue Hammond, Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

To see if DiSC assessments are right for your team, contact us for a consultation!