Higher Purpose Fun Fest 2021

Shatteringly crisp! Swoon-worthy!

I (Allegra) read a story that described fried-chicken as “shatteringly crisp” and layer cake as “swoon-worthy.” That exuberance got me thinking. What if we created a swoon-worthy, shatteringly-crisp time out for leaders changing their peace of the world in ways that make the grade?

For one morning, hang with us somewhere between Heaven and earth, suspended in time, alive and alert. We will be your book club where you do not have to read the book. That brunch where you eat dessert first. That mountain meadow you can walk in barefoot. This is not self-improvement. This is soul rest.

For one morning, let’s talk about your spark. Tell us what’s delicious about life. You in the soup? How’s your backstroke? We’ve been there and know how the human chain of encouragement can help us get out of the soup.

Life is not a caravan of despair, said Rumi. Neither are we.

Refresh, renew and connect with others inventing a better future. What you get: New friends and a full heart. Let’s write headlines for our souls that food writers will salivate over.

What you do not get: Advice. Advice giving is banned!

40 slots. Open until slots fill.