Donor Update

scarlett and jesse lewis


Dear Choose Love Family,

We are approaching a solemn anniversary: Ten years ago I lost my son Jesse in the Sandy Hook massacre. 

Sadly, only a few months ago, we saw yet another tragedy at a Texas school. The facts around Uvalde, where preventative measures failed horribly, underscore that we have not solved the problem. 

The Choose Love Movement is different. We address the root cause of violence that leads to these tragic events: suffering. We teach people how to put love between response and action. More than 3,000,000 children have gone through the program and learned how to respond to the challenges they face in safe and healthy ways. We solve the problem.

Imagine if we could double the number of children next year. The unprecedented disruption of the past two years has left our children to deal with academic loss, increased violence, deaths to substance abuse, and an epidemic of mental illness. If we can bring Choose Love to more schools, more communities, and more children, we can get to the root causes of these challenges and improve the lives of millions of children. We can keep them safe. 

Choose Love is proactive, flexible, and transformative. It works for every grade, every community, and for groups outside of school. 

As part of our efforts to increase our impact and ensure our children can be safe, happy, and productive, we are bringing on a new CEO, Claas Ehlers. Claas has led national nonprofits with a simple goal: to change the future for children. We are thrilled he has joined the Movement and excited about what we will accomplish together. 

I am so glad you are part of the Movement as well. Together we are increasing our ability to help our schools understand that suffering is at the root of so many problems, and choosing love is the answer. 

As you know, our program is offered free of charge because we are committed to ensuring all children can access Choose Love. Your support helps make this possible.If you would like to donate, please use the enclosed envelope, visit, text Jesse to 41444, or Venmo @Jesse_Lewis_Choose_Love. By doing so you are choosing love for millions more children in the coming years. 

Thank you.

Scarlett Lewis
Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement
Chief Movement Officer / Jesse’s mother