Choose Love Classrooms

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Choose Love Texas Ambassadors, Shae Owens, educator at Hillsboro Elementary School, and Aleshia Fleming, educator at Hillsboro Intermediate School, have set up Choose Love rooms in their schools for students and staff. 

Shae has classes in the Choose Love room every week and it gives students the opportunity to practice their mindfulness, brave breath, read books, work on puzzles and choose mindfulness activities. There are also small groups that meet in the Choose Love room. 

Aleshia said, “It’s a place for students to come and have a quiet moment to themselves and self-regulate. Students will tell their teacher that they need a break and then go to the CL room for 5-7 minutes. They then choose an activity such as reading, meditation with breathing cards, drawing or listening to calming music. It’s also a place to resolve conflicts between students.”

What an amazing way to Choose Love!