Extension Program: Healthy Grieving

About This Program

We are proud to have partnered with Dianne Gray, President of Hospice & Healthcare Communications and Board Member of the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, to create the Healthy Grieving Extension Program.

Grieving is a normal part of life and we hope to demystify this process and take away the fear that is facilitated by our misunderstandings.

There is nothing in life that can really prepare us for the death of a loved one. Whether the death is sudden or as a result of a long term illness, it always catches us off-guard.

We believe that we can help to change the experience of grief and loss, into a journey of hope and transformation because as Dianne says, “Grieving well is by choice. Choice is the most powerful tool we have.”

We have provided separate guides for children, teens, and adults to follow, where you can learn about the grieving process for each age group respectively.

We have included tips and tricks you can use to approach and assist someone who is grieving, or for you to use to help in your own grieving journey.

It will take time, but you CAN heal – let us help. Download the guide that best suits your needs now and start healing.

Katie is passionate about Social and Emotional Learning and helping kids better understand the root cause of their emotions to help them feel more in control of them. She partnered with us to provide you the Grow and Guide Choose Love Extension Program.

New Addition: Grief Yoga with Beth Segaloff

Beth is a Therapeutic Coach who helps you transform your grief journey into one of healing and self growth as she provides a safe space for you to explore your emotions. She integrates therapy (LCSW), Life Coaching, Reiki healing and yoga with her clients and students. She integrates these modalities 1:1, in groups, classes and workshops as a way to support her clients and students as they heal their past, explore ways to be present and create vision and possibility. 

Beth’s own story and life experiences lead her to this work and sense of purpose. It has become clear that we cannot change our past however we can change our response and relationship to our stories and how we choose to live.  This awareness comes from practice integrating the mind, body and spirit. This journey lead Beth to stand more in power and wisdom than pain. It’s her calling to provide space to support others as they can become their own teacher and guide.  Beth’s intention is to provide a safe space where you can give yourself permission to show up perfectly as you are. A place of connection and belonging where you will be seen and heard. Beth guides with compassion, authenticity, light and joy for clients of all ages.

We are grateful to Beth for giving us this gift!