Extension Programs

We are pleased to present the following programs that have been customized to further enrich our Choose Love practices for no additional cost.

These programs can also be accessed from within each of our online courses.

All Calm Down

A series of healing meditation videos developed in conjunction with Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., world famous cell biologist and author.

Compassionate Touch

This program explores ways of teaching children and educators how to recognize and use touch that is nurturing and helpful, and how to avoid touch that isn’t.

Choose Love For Caregivers

The Child Welfare Education Partnership is partnering with Choose Love to create the first Choose Love program specifically designed for caregivers including foster and adoptive parents, residential staff, relative caregivers, and other eligible community members.

Grow & Guide

Making the neuroscience of the brain fun to learn and easy to understand.

Healthy Grieving

We have partnered with Dianne Gray, President of Hospice & Healthcare Communications and Board Member of the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, to create the Healthy Grieving Extension Program. Grieving is a normal part of life and we hope to demystify this process and take away the fear that is facilitated by our misunderstandings.

Tapping for Stress Relief

With "Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms," teachers and students will learn how to use this self-regulating tool to develop an understanding of their emotions and a resiliency to take part in controlling them.

Zensational Kids

Yoga and mindfulness practices to help students self-regulate, manage big emotions, focus their attention, and develop resilience.