Master class: Choose to become a High-Performing New Manager

Choose to Become a High-Performing New Manager with our Master Class, taught by one of Duke University’s most popular engineering management professors, Theodore Ryan.

It is not easy to transition successfully from being a sole contributor to a high-performing new manager. In today’s fast-moving and highly competitive business environment, this transition must be made quickly, smoothly and successfully. Learning by trial-and-error is no longer acceptable. That approach can, will and should derail you.

This workshop helps new managers: 

[1] Change their mindset from focusing on their own work to becoming catalysts for enabling and inspiring great work in others.

[2] Develop a sound understanding of superior management and leadership. Participants increase their awareness of their own managerial and leadership competencies, personal strengths, emotional intelligence, and development needs. Each participant crafts their own Personal Leadership Credo.

3] Build skills in key management and leadership competencies [such as hiring people, coaching their team members toward superior performance, giving feedback, conducting difficult conversations, and resolving people-problem issues.] 

4] Create high-performing, resilient, innovative and ethical teams and organizations.

You will learn:

  • What you should do every day as a manager and leader
  • How to talk with your more experienced teammate who is angry that he or she did not get your job
  • How to develop your Personal Leadership Credo
  • How to identify and address ethical issues in real time
  • How to build a high-performance team – no matter where you are starting from
  • How to recognize when you’ve been thrown under the bus and what to do about it
  • How to hire a person
  • How to craft a professional performance management schedule for your employees
  • How to give feedback
  • How to understand what is going on in a difficult conversation so that you can get the best results
  • Where to benchmark your team for high-performance.

You will walk away from this course with world-class leadership skills and the ability to productively respond to common situations that would have once derailed your career. The result we aim for is a highly-ethical work environment where people can flourish and do their best work towards a shared purpose.