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SEL stands for  Social and Emotional Learning – the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to build healthy, healing relationships, develop resiliency and make responsible decisions.
CASEL’s 5 competencies are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. 
At the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, we believe that SEL also needs to include character education, positive psychology, neuroscience, growth mindset and post traumatic growth.

More than 30 years of scientific research proves that children who have access to the skills and tools taught through SEL grow into more successful and healthy adults.

Overall they have a deeper sense of self, commitment to community and learned compassion for others. This results in lower violent crime and incarceration rates, alcohol and drug abuse, and instances of mental illness.

When you are feeling angry, irritated, overwhelmed, struggling to initiate caring communication, and bewildered by others’ choices and self-awareness, you are in the midst of a SEL experience.
You can adapt to and adopt effective strategies, or you can succumb to its effects.
Life skills do not just include knowing math, geography and how to balance a checkbook. They include the ability to read a room, manage emotions and self manage.
The “whole person” theory includes all elements of human development. SEL development is an integral part of this theory. Without attending to our relationships, and managing our emotions, we will not be able to come out the other side “whole” and “united”.
When parents practice right alongside the kids… it facilitates parent/child interactions, and it benefits you – in your relationships with yourself, colleagues and neighbors. 
When you learn to become more self-aware, you will notice your fearful emotional response when your child is struggling or fails to come home on time. You will feel your heart beat faster and possibly clench your stomach. You may have the desire to do something erratic, but you then recognize that this behavior is a result of emotions and thoughts running amok. 
Using Scarlett’s self-management and self-awareness strategies will help you learn to accept that these reactions are common when you experience anxiety and you can calm yourself down and implement her suggestions. 
The next time you experience these anxiety symptoms, you will be able to stop the escalation. You will remember learning from Scarlett that when you felt the terror, you could change how you feel by thinking differently about the situation. 
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Developing Social Emotional Learning skills can benefit ALL ages, and the lessons we cover can be applied to a broad range of scenarios!

Although we focus many of the activities and demonstrations on younger children (ages 6-12,) we also include practices and activities that can benefit teens and adults, as well.

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