Choose Love Livermore invites you to join our interactive COMMUNITY PAGE, hosted by the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ on their CONNECT Community & Program Portal.

In addition to connecting with Choose Love Livermore updates, announcements, campaigns, and more, you will also have access to the complete collection of Choose Love programs and resources.  We are excited to be the first of many future Choose Love communities to seamlessly integrate with the Choose Love Movement to deliver on our mission to to raise awareness of the easy-to-learn, 4-step Choose Love Formula™ that is the foundation of the curriculum and demonstrate ways that it can be applied in everyday situations throughout the community. 

Please note: anyone who registered on this site prior to June 28, 2020 will need to re-register.  If you registered for access to Choose Love programming after June 28, 2020, you can skip the registration and login here.


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