Master Class: Building an Ethical Organization

Irrefutable data from decades of studying “Firms of Endearment” show that high ethics firms:

  • Recruit better talent
  • Make more money
  • Focus more on mission and less on low-trust games or expensive lawsuits

This master class will help you:

  • Make high-quality, ethical decisions using an ethical decision-making framework
  • Reflect on non-negotiable values leaders must have
  • Develop a personal leadership credo
  • Identify corporate role models
  • Understand how to conduct an ethics audit
  • Understand the gap between a company’s top value and its second value – and why that gap matters
  • Understand how to talk about universal moral principles (e.g. the Golden Rule) using every day language.
  • Understand what happens when you duck conversations about universal moral principles.
  • Map critical decisions against your company’s actual values (what they do, not what they say), your values, and universal moral principles. Understand what to do when the three do not align.
  • Create a road map for your company to become a world-class ethical company.

This class is not about:

  • “Ain’t it awful, grey, and confusing.” We are teaching how to be a world-class business. This happens by studying world-class businesses who have a few universal lighthouse principles every health person acknowledges to be true.
  • Compliance (though high-ethics teams do comply)
  • How to avoid lawsuits (though you will avoid lawsuits with this approach)
  • Jerks (though you will learn how to usher jerks out of your mindspace)

Taught by Theodore Ryan, who teaches ethics at Duke University’s Fuqua Business School, this six-week class is designed to help you become a stronger, more confident and powerful leader for good.