Master Class in High-performance Innovation

The innovation process has been mapped for decades. It’s not a secret. So why aren’t we innovative? Why do we fail to do what needs to be done so that businesses, communities and ecosystems thrive?

This Master Class teaches innovation as a life practice rooted in wisdom taught the world over. Instead of business jargon that falls flat with a team and that gets dumped with the next management fad, this class helps you learn vocabulary and practices that help you in all aspects of your life: personal, professional and communal.

You will learn the innovation process taught in great Western MBA programs, but you will also learn mindsets and skills that address the root cause of innovation: the bright human spirit.


  1. How to conduct an innovation audit
  2. How to identify the right problem to solve by building your ability to become aware of what is going on.
  3. How to address innovation as a pipeline where yes, accounting can and will kill your project
  4. How to build a high-performing team that addresses the innovation process productively
  5. How to generate more ideas, if idea generation is your challenge
  6. How to curate ideas, if curation is the problem
  7. How to commercialize ideas, if commercialization is your team’s challenge
  8. How to address accountability – or lack thereof
  9. How to address fear, greed, shame and other innovation killers (that your competition may have already tackled!)
  10. How courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion are non-negotiable in a sustainable innovation process.

This is an interactive three-month class during which you will have:

  • Video lectures and source materials
  • Interactive class time for problem solving
  • Interactive group debriefing
  • Reflections submitted for instructor feedback
  • Two 60-minute individual executive coaching sessions with the instructor.

Allegra Jordan has taught this skill set to mid- and high-ranking executives in the US, China, Kuwait, India, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. The results have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in realized value, healthier communities and improved (and more humane) executive leadership.

For more information about this process, read the free Bright Human Spirit series found here.