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Scarlett Lewis founded the nonprofit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her son was murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in December 2012.  After his death, Scarlett became part of the solution to the issues that we’re seeing in our society—and that also caused the tragedy. She created the Movement and became an advocate for social and emotional learning (SEL) and character development that teaches children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy relationships. Speaking across the US and internationally to diverse audiences, Scarlett urges everyone to become part of the solution.

Scarlett created the Choose Love for Schools Program, a no-cost, comprehensive, lifespan, next generation SEL and character development program that teaches children and adults how to thoughtfully respond with love in any situation, handle adversity, and have courageous conversations by using the Choose Love Formula of: Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion-in-Action = Choosing Love. Choose Love has been extended into homes, communities, athletics, and the workplace. The programs have been accessed in all 50 states and 100 countries, reaching more than 1.9 million children. Learn more at and join the Movement to help make the world a more loving, and peaceful place.

Scarlett is available for keynotes, workshops & professional development.

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Scarlett’s emotional and inspiring memoir takes you through her journey of losing her son at Sandy Hook and how she found the courage through her son’s 3 words (nurturing healing love) to live a life of love, positivity, and fearlessness. 
This all-encompassing book details how Scarlett’s journey as one voice asking people to replace an angry thought with a loving one and to thoughtfully respond with love in any situation became a global movement that continues to expand every year.
This children’s book, complete with Scarlett’s own photographs, tells the poignant story of a beloved horse and her newborn foal.

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Scarlett, you define bravery and kindness...Your movement will save lives, and honor one very, very special one. Please visit the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to join Scarlett's mission to help the world live love a little better, every day.

This is the most comprehensive and age appropriate program I've encountered in my 23 years of teaching. Our kids are missing empathy and it's beautiful to see them build this skill! Thank you!

Through choosing love I learned how one good decision can lead to a bright path. One smile can save a life. That life can save another. Two grows to four, four to eight, eight to sixteen, and so on. I learned by choosing love that one person can create a chain reaction to make a positive impact on the world.

I've been a counselor for 40 years, and I've never presented anything more important to the kids than this. This is by far the best thing I've ever done for them.

I'm so grateful to have met Scarlett, to be able to have her in my book, and to be able to learn from her because she's such an incredibly wise and inspiring person. All the work that she's done since losing her son, Jesse, is so admirable and is making the world a better place. It's changing the future for our children.

I learned I can be strong. I can forgive. And I can help anyone that may need a little push to make their day. This has changed my life and many others.

I think the Choose Love program is indispensable for humans. It's only been a year, but I feel a response. In particular, it looks like the teachers are happier. If the teachers aren't happy, the happiness of the children cannot be raised.

Choose Love Enrichment Program is not only for the students but it gives me the important tools to be a better teacher. I learned to use courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action in the classroom. It has given me the vocabulary to help my students through challenges.

The program has been widely and enthusiastically endorsed by our schools; which was expected. What we did not expect was the overwhelming support by our first responder community. NH's Police community has been one of the programs biggest supporters. Not only is the program changing our school culture, but it is also changing our community culture. I cannot think of a better program to implement in our schools. I have been transformed from a reluctant and skeptical attendee to a true believer.

The Choose Love Enrichment Program™ highlights important character values that we want all children to have and engaging approaches to develop them.

Thank you for developing such an intentional curriculum that aligns with best practices for teaching all students, even our trauma students. I'm a first year elementary guidance counselor, I was in the classroom for 12 years and your curriculum has provided me with essential resources to start this school year off successfully. I recently attended a trauma informed learning training and so much of what I've been teaching with Choose Love was right in line with what they were recommending at the training.

Scarlett’s chapter, “Healing Love,” shares the story of how she lost her son in a horrific tragedy and was able to overcome the pain and anger and experience healing through forgiveness.

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In this New York-Times bestseller, Scarlett tells her story of how she created a worldwide Movement to Choose Love and encourages everyone to be kind, to be grateful, to forgive, and to uncover the courage we all have within us.

This powerful best-selling book recounts the captivating life story of Yannick Kabuguza, a Choose Love Ambassador, who endured great pain and tragedy as a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Lavin focuses on the indomitable human spirit and how Yannick forgave those responsible for his disfigurement and the death of his family members and healed himself through gratitude and compassion. The book includes how Lavin established a deep connection with Scarlett and the Choose Love Movement.   

This book helps readers move from their own “dark night of the soul” and into a brighter future. This book plots the path of healing and flourishing in six words: Why bother? Lament. Hope. Lead. Persevere. Jordan shares wit and wisdom gathered from both her own life as an innovation expert to the teachings of great leaders in such diverse locations as Scarlett Lewis in Sandy Hook, Connecticut to the war zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These leaders were ordinary people until life pushed them to its edge. In their darkest moments, they reached for the further shore.

This book features a wide selection of stories and insights into Scarlett’s story is featured in Chapter VI, Renew the Face of the Earth: A Call to Love. The stories in this book offer readers a book of wisdom to inspire during hard times and guide them in finding the light in any crisis. 

Alex Woodard weaves his own journey through true stories, including Scarlett’s experience of losing Jesse, as he travels from the congested confines of Southern California to the wide open wild skies of Southern Idaho. 

Scarlett’s letter to Jesse is included along with songs she and Alex wrote together about the letter. 

In the chapter, Jesse in the Sky, Scarlett shares her story of losing her son in the Sandy Hook tragedy. Scarlett’s story is one of 101 true stories of amazing coincidences, answered prayers, awesome charity, and love that show miracles and good happen every day, giving hope whenever people need it most. This is a book of stories about powerful hope, wondrous connections, divine intervention, and answered prayers.

Scarlett’s story is one of 101 miraculous stories featured in this book that shares real people’s stories about their incredible, personal angel experiences of faith, divine intervention, and answered prayers.

The stories reflect on hope, healing, and help from angels. 

In Chapter 6, Growth and Protection, of Bruce Lipton’s 10th anniversary edition of The Biology of Belief, the author shares Scarlett’s story to explain how people can heal through the power of love. 

Dana Liesegang’s riveting memoir details how she was sexually assaulted at age 19, thrown off a cliff and left for dead, and was paralyzed. That didn’t stop her from forgiving her attacker.  Dana harnessed her inner resilience to survive and overcome and the power of forgiveness to set her free. In Chapter 21, Forgiveness, Dana shares how Scarlett inspired her to let go of her painful burden by forgiving her attacker and setting forth on a path to healing.