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Scarlett, Kelley, Priscilla

Fun Facts

Priscilla Kesi-Tiumalu...

Was born and raised in Hawaii. She was introduced to the Choose Love program in 2017 when she heard Scarlett Lewis speak at a workshop, and her life has never been the same. She was so moved and knew that she had to bring this amazing program to her school. 

Together with her administration and teachers, they implemented the Choose Love program at Kalihi Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii where she worked as a school counselor for 4 years. She saw firsthand the huge impact that Choose Love had on both students and adults in her school. She also helped to spread the Choose Love Movement in Hawaii by presenting at various schools who were looking for a SEL program. 

Priscilla moved to Las Vegas in 2020 and felt honored when asked to be the Nevada Choose Love Ambassador. She is now working as a school counselor at Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas where they have started implementation of the Choose Love Movement. 

She is passionate about this program and believes that it is part of her purpose in life to share this amazing movement with as many people, schools, and communities as possible.

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