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Terri Spencer...

Is a preschool teacher and a Choose Love Ambassador in NJ. Terri has been lucky enough to teach many wonderful children and grades through the years. 

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Yannick Kabuguza...

was born and raised in Rwanda. He is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide that happened in 1994. 

Yannick was able to forgive, from the bottom of his heart, the people who murdered his family. He says he is very eager to continue to “show some love as I can without any revengeful thoughts in my heart. Nothing’s better than this, especially when you do this to someone who did wrong to you.”

“Revenge is the poison you drink to do something very bad to your enemies.” 

That’s the reason why I am so happy and so proud to be a Choose LOVE Movement Ambassador.

Joann Crouthamel...

Is an Elementary School Counselor, with over 20 years experience in the education field. After graduating with a Masters Degree from Rowan University, Joann began her SEL journey that brought her to the Choose Love Movement in 2016.  As a member of her district’s Character Council, Joann and the other members of the Mantua Township Character Council developed the Mantua Township Advisory Curriculum.  Scarlett’s message at a National Forum of Character workshop impacted Joann so deeply, that she and Mantua’s Choose Love soldiers implemented the original Choose Love Enrichment Program in 2017.  Joann and her district were recognized as a National School of Character the following year.  Currently she teaches Choose Love every week as an Encore class to her students at Sewell School.   

Choose Love continues to be an integral piece of Mantua’s community climate of love, character, relationships, and significance. Joann wants to fulfill the mission and make sure that every student has access to social emotional learning, and understands that they can’t always choose what happens to them, but that they can always choose love for themselves, and others.

Fun Facts

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