A Note to Parents

ducksEveryone wishes they had a handbook for parenting. It’s tough and the environment for our
children just might be the toughest it’s been in a world that seems as if there is a lot to fear.

Our number one priority for our children is safety. We want them to come home in the afternoon after a productive and meaningful day at school and be SAFE!
Unfortunately our children can be plagued with issues at school. School-related shootings have become almost common place with 203 having occurred since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Despite the programs offered in most schools, bullying is on the rise as are suicide rates and mental illness.

Journal and PencilTeaching children to choose love for themselves and others might be the answer. Social and emotional learning, teaching children how to have positive relationships, responsible decision making, awareness of themselves and others and how to manage their emotions has proven to be a proactive solution to all of the issues our children are facing.
Social and emotional learning increases academic performance and school and classroom climate while reducing bullying, anxiety, and even substance abuse and mental illness! In fact all the decades of research point to SEL being the most proactive and preventative mental health initiative we have!

There are SEL programs available!
The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement offers a free online program called the Choose Love Enrichment Program that includes SEL, Character Values, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness and more!

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Enrichment Program Pilot

There are two steps that can be taken right away to ensure our children have the safest school environment possible.

  1. Make sure your child’s school has a social and emotional learning program. If they don’t, suggest they take a look at our free online program, The Choose Love Enrichment Program!
  2. Check out SafeandSound.org‘s website. This is one of the top resources in the country for school safety and includes an update to date check list to ensure your school has the latest safety protocols!

Join the movement to choose love yourself! Many of our lessons contain activities that children can take home and do with their parents.

Coming soon! The Choose Love Enrichment Program for Parents! A comprehensive program for parents!