Performance Management

As a manager, what questions should you ask your team every day? What should you do with the answers they give you?

Performance management is about the many things great managers do each day that build superior results for high-performance teams. Strong performance management makes life easier for everyone, especially you, the manager. You will walk away from this seminar knowing:

  • What to ask (and how to ask) every morning;
  • How to help your team spot what to focus (and what to ignore);
  • How to swiftly and competently work through the inevitable workplace conflicts;
  • How to structure regular staff check-ins;
  • What core conditions you have to get right;
  • How to use more tools than “the pay raise” to cultivate peak performance; and
  • How to assess the root cause of a performance problem (and what to do about it).

Created by Ted Ryan, who introduced the 360 performance review to Wall Street, this seminar will help you and your team achieve your goals with confidence, competence and best-practices.