Select for Success

“Competence is doing the job that needs to be done.” – Jay Hall

Hiring mistakes are costly. Not only do they cost time and energy, you lose out on the best prospects. The difference between a good and great hire, can be a factor of seven to thirty times productivity, sales and customer service. Great hires are worth the effort.

Stop hiring with games and guesses. This seminar teaches you how:

  • To write professional job descriptions for the job that needs to be done;
  • To set the stage for an interview that achieves the best results reliably;
  • To be authentic in the interview (and why this is critical);
  • To ask questions that allow you to collect the data you need for candidate evaluation;
  • To distinguish who, among many candidates, is the superior hire;
  • To learn what’s on the candidate’s mind; and
  • To have the best chance at getting your first choice candidate.

Learn how to hire using the program designed by Theodore Ryan to help top Wall Street investment banks and global consulting firms distinguish which candidate would be the best fit for the job when many candidates look alike on paper.

Introduce by Professor Ryan at Duke’s Business and Engineering schools, Select for Success helps you build the high-performance team that can get the job done.

To inquire about Select for Success at your workplace, please contact Jerry Alena, Chief Sales Officer, at 203-641-5151 or via this form.