Media & Speaking Requests

Media & Speaking Requests

Speaker Requests

To better engage educators and ensure best practices when implementing the Choose Love Enrichment Program (CLEP) and our extension programs, founder Scarlett Lewis, our director of education, and our Choose Love Ambassadors have traveled to numerous schools offering professional development.

Scarlett has been the keynote speaker for multiple conference including Music City SEL Conference in Nashville, National Forum on Character presented by, and the Nebraska Mental Health Conference. She has also led workshops at multiple national conferences including SXSW EDU, ASCD Empower, Safe and Sound Schools, etc. 

If your school or organization is interested in having Scarlett or one of our Ambassadors present and/or offer professional development, or if you would like to have a Choose Love speaker at your conference, please review and fill out the offer and email it to Director of Operations, Alexis Koukos at


During this global pandemic, Scarlett Lewis is offering virtual talks and professional development via Zoom. Our message of Choosing Love over Fear is needed now more than ever before.

Following a recent virtual talk, one of the event organizers said:

“Offering a Zoom webinar for our community was a great way to not only connect parents and teens as they were encouraged to sit together and participate in the webinar, but allowed us to connect with our emotions and recognize the anxieties we are feeling. As always, Scarlett’s ‘advice’ allows one to take a step back and see things in a different light, turn a negative into a positive, and Choose Love!!”

In her presentations, Scarlett offers coping skills and stresses the importance of self care, choosing how to respond to every situation with love and how to take care of yourself and others while facing uncertain times. 

If your school or organization is interested in having Scarlett offer a virtual presentation, please email Alexis Koukos to inquire about costs and scheduling.

Interview Requests

Scarlett has been a guest on many national television shows, interviewed by numerous national and regional news outlets, and featured in magazines throughout the world explaining the importance of social and emotional learning  in schools and communities.

She has been featured on the Today Show, BBC, Fox News, The New York Times, Boston Globe, and NPR to name a few.

Scarlett also offers advice on multiple podcasts and webinars. 

If you would like to interview Scarlett, please send us an email. 

“If we can teach our children that they have the power to choose a loving thought over an angry thought, we can create a more powerful world.” – Scarlett

Audience Feedback

“Thank you so much for coming to our church to share your passion/mission with us. I expected it to be powerful, informative, and poignant — and it was all those things — but you have a gift of making a presentation to a church full of people feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with each one of us over a cup of coffee. That is why we all left the church that evening feeling like you were our personal friend, and that is why we hold your words in our hearts like a dear friend’s advice. “

– Mary Lagman, November 20th, 2018

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Ms. Lewis speak at my sister’s graduation from Quinnipiac’s School of Nursing. I found her message to be powerful and inspiring. Her speech also led me to learn more about the Choose Love program and how we could include it in our programming at the Boys & Girls Club in Milford. I just wanted to send a quick thank you for providing this program and reminding us all the importance of Choosing Love!”

 – Megan Altomare, October 10th, 2018

I wanted to let you know what my 16 year old daughter had to say after your speech. She told me you were so smart. Then she said, “ I was so excited when she hugged me.” I was thinking oh my gosh I’m being hugged by the lady that is going to go down in history for completely changing the face of education and probably the World!” I think your speech made a big impact. Thank you for all you do to help every child in our world! “

– Janelle Harp, November 13th, 2018

“Scarlett Lewis served as the opening keynote to the Nebraska School Mental Health Conference. She did an incredible job sharing her message of “Choosing Love,” and delivering a message on social emotional learning that resonated with our audience that consisted of a school board members, private providers, school staff, counselors, psychologists, administration, advocates, and a variety of other individuals who are passionate about school mental health. The strength Scarlett shows in being able to turn her personal tragedy into a way to help others is humbling and powerful. The warmth and personal style she brings to her message makes it an even stronger one, and she paved the way for an incredible conference. We are so grateful for all she does, and are moved by her efforts. We can’t wait to have her back again!”

– Julia Hebenstreit / J.D. / Executive Director / The Kim Foundation, June 2019