Strength for the Journey

We recharge in ways that are unique to our needs. Our needs change each day.

Some days that means you’re playing “Don’t mess with SplashSquatch” at a park of warriors and their families.

Other days you just need a lift: music, laughter, poems, the written word and yes, even silence.

Here are some resources I’ve authored or produced:

If you want a laugh, consider looking at one of the “play” videos from Rick’s Place, a reintegration park for which I am the executive director.

If you enjoy TEDx talks, consider TEDX: Franklin Street –  Building Beloved Community. The talks are about innovative solutions to flourishing in the midst of suffering, even at the edge of life.

If you need to unpack life’s tough time, I curate

If you want to read about a community rebuilding from war, consider a WW1 novel.