Team Coaching for “We”Q

You are powerful, centered, and on point when discussing your mission. You are building a great service, changing health outcomes, up late at night raising money to help victims of violence. You love this work!

But running a team? Eh….not so much. It can feel deflating and defeating.


This may be what you feel:
  • You are jealous of the time the team takes you away from your real love: your mission.
  • You are resigned to poor quality results. After all, you can’t afford high salaries.
  • The thought of a regular staff meeting leaves you cold.
  • You don’t get enough sleep as it is, and managing the team feels like a job on top of a job.
  • People feel more like problems than solutions…especially the teammate who quit without notice!
  • You run from your phone when that one person calls, and then delay for a week before calling back.
  • You wait for the perfect time to have that tough conversation. It’s just…there never seems to be a perfect time.
  • You hide your browser history from your team. It’s filled with your searches on LinkedIn trying to find a job where you do not have to deal with people.
But you’re smart. You’re good with people and the world needs what you bring it. So what is wrong?

It’s possible to love your team as much as your mission. It’s possible to think about your team and smile. It’s possible to get more done than you thought possible while having more fun.

But to get there, you’ll need to do some work. That’s where we come in. Come with us. We’ll show you the way teamwork can make the dream work.

Yes, teams are hard. And whether you want to run a team of three people or dispersed teams of 10,000, the guidelines are the same for you:
  1. Change your mindset from an individual performer to a team leader. That is the key to your success if you want team support.
  2. Choose Love. Show up with courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action. Living these values unlock the gateway to many good things.
  3. Commit to loving your team as much as you love your mission. When we love something, we become curious about how it works, and how we can help it flourish. That curiosity, and a few techniques, structures and insights, can help unlock the power of your team.

This can be hard at first. You will need to make changes – yourself first, and then others.

We’re here to guide you. We’ve run teams across the globe and coached leaders to great success. We’ve been on the front line, behind the line, and in the soup.

Reach out for a free consult, so your team can do the work your enterprise, your community, our world, and future generations need you to do.