Thank You

Thank you for your support of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. A recent poll showed that 85% of Americans believe that the Sandy Hook tragedy will be the catalyst for significant change in our society. We hope to help bring about this change by educating our children, teachers and parents about the choices they make everyday and how this can affect their lives, and the lives of others.

Choosing love over anger, gratitude over entitlement, and forgiveness while inspiring, and planting seeds of compassion, will cultivate people who are happier and help others to make better choices.


  1. VIAT Consulting donates 10% of all earnings to charitable organizations, which are also committed to promoting the safety of our students. The clients of VIAT Consulting are given the opportunity to choose to which charity 10% of their payment will be donated. This donation is made by request of The Willow School in Gladstone, NJ.