High-Performance Time Management

“I don’t have enough time,” is one of the top challenges for any executive and one we hear frequently.

Not enough time for what? With our seminar, we help you clarify your options with compassion and optimism.

We can’t create more time. We can help you:

  • Feel the relief of understanding why we’re in a time trap (again)
  • Understand ourselves better – and how humans do their best work!
  • Acknowledge our stated and unstated goals
  • Stop starving the parts of ourselves we enjoy the most (e.g. our time to play, create, cook, hang out with friends)
  • Map out the most effective use of the limited time we have given a holistic view of what it means to be human

You will leave this seminar with:

  • A template for strategic time management
  • Self-compassion and self-forgiveness
  • Clarification of your values
  • Clarification of your interests
  • A plan
  • An accountability plan
  • Life hacks for common accountability challenges

If your team would like to talk about this seminar for your executives, please contact Jerry Alena, Chief Sales Officer, at (203) 641-5151 or via this form: