Vision, Mission, and Strategy

We provide superior experiences, talent, services and products to help teams Achieve high-performance Results.

Choose High Performance is a Delaware-incorporated public benefit corporation.

Our Vision: Thriving teams that help their companies, families, communities, and the planet flourish.

Our Mission: To provide superior experiences, talent, services and products to individuals, teams and organizations in the workplace. We strive to empower our client partners to become their best selves, to operate with maximal effectiveness, and to create flourishing communities – that is, to achieve high-performance results for their stakeholders.

Our Commitment: We commit to exemplify in our own selves, in our work with each other, and in our work with our client partners those values and practices that we espouse for others.

Our Strategy: We sell educational and coaching products and services to instruct and inspire your team to achieve excellent results for themselves and their teams.

Our Prime Charitable Beneficiary: We support the teaching of the Choose Love Formula (Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion-in-Action) in all schools and communities. Our work helps fund the Guidestar Gold Star-rated 501(c)(3) non-profit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.