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In this section you will find our “In and Around Choose Love CONNECT” community homepage where you can not only catch up on the latest news, upcoming events and special announcements from Choose Love but also POST YOUR OWN messages and announcements (as long as they are in keeping with our Choose Love messaging!)  You might have photos of projects your class has worked on or other examples of Choose Love in your community, and we would love for you to share them!  In this section you will also find links to Community Resources to help you share Choose Love, Groups that you might choose to join or create for discussions around a specific Choose Love topic, a link to our Choose Love Book Club, an easy “Invite A Friend” email generator and a Notifications tab where you will find occasional alerts based on items of interest in the community.


This section is our Educator’s Lounge, created exclusively for those who are teaching Choose Love programs in schools or other organizations.  We wanted you to have a “home page” of your own where you can easily access the Courses, monthly Choose Love calendars, special news and announcements related to the program, and also message boards by grade level to enable you to connect with/seek support from other educators teaching the program.


Here, you will find our extensive list of Choose Love courses, including the programs we created For Home, For Communities, and For Athletes.  You will also find our Extension Partner programs here, offering valuable additional resources to enhance your Choose Love journey.  ALL of these programs are available for NO COST.  


By popular demand and in response to the desperate need for social and emotional recovery post-COVID-19, we are now offering fee-based training, development workshops and onboarding support.  You can learn more about them in this section, and also access our FREE online, 3-hour training module.

How-To SEL

This is another fee-based offering in the form of a monthly “how to” video and activity subscription.  If you have purchased access to this subscription, you will be able to link to it directly here.