Build Better Teams Workshops

Build Better Teams Workshops

The strength of our bonds determines our success. What if your team members each day could show up with courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action? What if they could resolve their own conflicts? We can help you get there.

The Choose High Performance “We”Q Kit starts at $12,000 and includes:

  • a keynote speech by Scarlett Lewis,
  • a 90-minute online workshop,
  • 10 DiSC assessments, and
  • one 90-minute team DiSC debriefing session designed to strengthen your team’s bonds.

If this kit is for your team, we will write the agreement shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure a great fit, no surprises, and a non-boring, interactive experience.

“I began to think of our team not as a collection of individuals but as its own entity. This shift in mindset provided greater space for the strengths of each individual to combine to make a team that was greater than the sum of its parts.  The resulting increased efficacy of the team helped secure an impressive court victory.”

“Choose Love is a miracle."

Governor Sununu has implemented the Choose Love Formula across his NH administration.

Are you a financial advisor running your own practice? We offer a workshop just for financial advisors on practice management, taught by co-founder and financial services expert Gerald “Jerry” Alena, Jr.

Our workshops are a cost-effective way for your team to become as powerful and as strong as your dreams. Contact us for more information.