Extension Program: Zensational Kids

About This Program

Along with building knowledge and awareness of social and emotional skills through the Choose Love Program, we have partnered with Zensational Kids to combine the tools of yoga and mindfulness into our curriculum.

These additional lesson plans will provide you with avenues to explore breath, movement and mindfulness with your students, as well as for yourself.

Research is demonstrating how these specific tools help the nervous system relax, organize and process information, which is not only essential for learning, but also living healthy, happy lives.

Yoga and mindfulness have been found to be highly effective practices to help students self-regulate, manage big emotions, focus their attention, and develop resilience.

In order to care for the academic welfare of our students, taking an active role in caring for their overall well-being has become paramount in education.

Mental health issues are on the rise and helping our students to cope with the trials of life, as well as learning, need to take a front seat in every classroom.

Zensational Kids Mindfulness Activities